Jonathan Primeau

President – founder

Jonathan studied in project management and business administration and has been in business for over 17 years. Active in his community, he sits on several boards and advisory committees namely ‘’la Fondation de l’Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal’’. He attended the governor general’s canadian leadership conference and is a member of l’association des cyclistes en developpement des affaires, the young philanthropists’ circle of the Montreal museum of fine arts, the New York business & art council and a thinker enrolled in the think school of creative leadership and innovation. His great passion in life is wine. He is an avid collector and an enthusiastic traveller to the world’s wine regions.

François Michelena

General manager

For François, research and development occupies a prominent place in any serious enterprise. Over ten years ago, he founded Michelena Wood Doors Inc, a company specializing in high-quality wooden doors where he develops new assembly mechanisms, creates unique pieces and proposes innovative products to meet to the needs of its customers, for their residential or commercial projects.

Perfectionist and passionate, Francis constantly seeks to surpass himself: while continuing his activities at Michelena Architectural Wood Doors, he joins the CellArt team in order to put his creativity, his managerial skills, his knowledge in high-end cabinetmaking and his customer service expertise to good use.


Pierre Michaud


A wine enthusiast, Pierre has over 25 years of experience in consultation as well as in marketing, sales and communications with major Canadian companies. During his career, he has successfully marketed several types of products while developing and implementing innovative strategies to increase revenues and market shares. With Cellart, Pierre combines his professional skills with his great passion for wine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA (marketing). He is active on the board of directors of the ‘’fondation de l’Institut de Gériatrie de Montréal’’ since 2006.

Marianne Trudel

Business development

Marianne has been a sales specialist for over 17 years. She got her start in sales selling high-end prefabricated homes for Villeroy, where she quickly became one of their best agents. She developed her export and international business experience while working for the same firm in Europe, before moving to New York City which she made her home base for more than a decade. There she executed an important amount of transactions with American investors looking for commercial and residential real estate opportunities in Canada, while building an extensive network of elite contacts and relationships. Back in Montreal, Marianne continued to expand her sales and real estate expertise by participating in several projects lead by Investimmo, Gazaille Construction, Groupe Cholette and ROI Land Investments, before joining the team of CellArt.


Jean Lallemand

Jean grew up in the vines with a grandfather and an aunt that were winemakers in the southwest of France. Holding a degree in interior architecture and with a great sense of attention to details and authenticity, he brings his expertise and vision to make every creation of Cellart unique. His numerous travel experiences and encounters allow him to create a new look for each concept. His participation in triathlons also occupies a lot of his time.

Sophie Loyer

Sophie is passionate about art and design, which naturally led her to study interior design. At the forefront of the design and technology worlds, she has the mandate to bring Cellart to a higher level in designing wine cellars. To maintain her balance and fuel her creativity, Sophie is also a painter in her spare time.

Primarily a designer, she is also actively involved in sales in the Gatineau and Ottawa regions. Thanks to her strong interpersonal skills, she stands out in client servicing and business development.


Sébastien Paradis

Project manager

Specializing in high-end architectural installation and the renovation of prestigious residences, Sébastien uses his expertise in the planning, management and implementation of Cellart projects. The experience gained over the past 14 years across North America has enabled him to achieve the highest design and manufacturing standards. Thorough by nature, he attaches great importance to finishing and details in order to offer a high quality product.

Emmanuelle Tellier


Emmanuelle started working in the restaurant business at the age of 15 and in the last 18 years, her interest in the profession has never diminished. It is in the context of her training as a sommelier at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec that she realized that she possessed her talent. Her teachers: Véronique Dalle and Jean-Luc Jault sent her in Alsace, where she found her passion: wine!

She works continuously in almost all types of restaurants, whether it be fast food, family oriented, upscale restaurants; she occupies positions as a waitress, sommelier, and maître d’hôtel.

“My interest for wine existed from the moment I started serving it. I am especially interested in history in all its aspects whether it be in viticulture, winemaking, oenology, wine tasting and wine pairing”.