Additional customized services

At your service!

Beyond designing wine cellars, our knowledgeable team has a full range of innovative solutions and related services that can be customized to suit each client.

Wine cellar optimization and management services:

  • Temperature and humidity control services
  • Stocktaking and inventory management services;
  • Maintenance services: mechanical systems and woodworking
  • Specialized cleaning services

Other services:

Cellart also takes care of event planning, exclusive invitations, subscriptions to specialty magazines, access to discounts in the wine sector network and other valuable services.

Sommelier services:

Cellart is proud to offer an array of expert services by the renowned sommeliers on its team:

  • Consulting services for inventory management of your wine cellar based on your personal profile
  • Traditional sommelier services such as tastings, food-wine pairings, etc.
  • Wine market advice (investments, planning, rare products)
  • Group training
Only settle for excellence!We put our expertise at the service of wine enthusiasts.