Wine cellar monitoring system

We know that managing a wine cellar can be a complex undertaking. You want your wines to age in the right conditions, regardless of constraints beyond the cellar walls.

In cooperation with Cellier Domesticus, a company for which Cellart is the exclusive reseller and installer for the canadian market, we install complete monitoring systems. From pre-established parameters, the temperature and humidity levels in your cellar are monitored at all times.

Our monitoring expertise includes:

  •  Custom programming of your wine cellar to the ideal temperature based on the profiles for each region from which your wines originated (a patented system);
  • Real-time monitoring of the temperature (within 0.1 degree per minute) and humidity threshold;
  • Pre-programmed email alerts in the event of signal loss;
  • Intelligent monitoring and management of your energy consumption;
  • Tracking of storage condition history of your bottles on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis;
Together, we’ll safeguard your collection!
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